• 1099-MISC Preparation and Filing

    We make it easy for you to document expenses for your contract labor, vendors and service providers, then we take care of the filing of your tax documents with the IRS and the mailing of all necessary paperwork to your 1099 recipients.

  • The Paper Trail You Need

    Our system documents your deductions and creates the paper trail you need to easily track and report your non-employee payments.
    Our staff also ensures tax deadlines are met, provide you with proof of your filings, and alert you of any actions you may need to take.

  • Perfect for Every Business

    We take care of all of your IRS filings, the mailing of all tax-related documents, and we provide you with the information you need at tax time. Use 1099s.com to save time and money, and so you can get back to running your business and/or your life faster.

  • Expert CPAs At Your Service

    1099s.com speeds up information gathering process and takes care of sending 1099s to both the IRS and each non-employee who received more than $600 in revenue from your business.

  • Have 1099-MISC Questions?

    Our expert CPAs and customer service representatives are available to help you get started and to answer any questions you might have regarding the filing of your 1099 tax forms. Or, check out our FAQ page.

1099s.com - Created by Certified Accounting Professionals

Over the years, Paul Canter, CPA of Canter & Associates Certified Public Accountants discovered that his firm's clients consistently struggled with 1099 documentation, IRS filing requirements, and vendor/contractor communications. In speaking with other CPAs, he learned that his clients were not alone: the process was complicated and time-consuming for businesses everywhere.

Solving the problem for his own clients resulted in a streamlined online system that has made 1099 documentation, vendor communication, IRS filing, and tax preparation easier for businesses of all sizes throughout the United States.

Not only do business owners appreciate the ease and efficiency of the 1099s.com system, but accounting professionals nationwide find the services provided by 1099s.com save their firms and clients both time and money.

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